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2x Your Email Revenue and Deliverability

Specializing in high end health/wellness affiliate marketing email lists

If your product is generating 2,000+ sales per week and you’d like to at least 2x your Email revenue in the next 60 days, we  may be available to help you with that.

We know what it’s like to email your list daily.  Finding the most profitable offers to maximize affiliate commissions has been part of our daily life for the past decade. 

The money is in the list, baby!

We found that our clients #1 problem today is staying out of the spam and promotions tabs, and delivering to the inbox. So, we created a solution for this problem. Every single one of our new clients, this year, have seen at least a 2x in clicks and revenue within 60-90 days of working with us. 

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Justin Francisco

Justin Francisco LOVES being a Dad and Husband. He has a 7 year old daughter Aria, and 4 year old son Weston. He’s been married since 2011 to his beautiful wife Kathryn. Justin has been emailing dozens of internal affiliate lists since 2012. In 2021 he sold his CPA network to SMFL, a public company. He co created Upsender in 2022 with the goal of helping high producing product owners substantially increase their email revenue, allowing them to increase their front end sales. If you google his name you’ll find he’s also a meditation teacher on the insight timer app. Justin strongly believes his meditation practice has profoundly impacted his business success and has helped him on his journey to becoming the dad, husband, son, friend and person that he is today. Still a long ways to go! 


Skype: jsanfran25

Ryan Healy

Ryan Healy has been married to Stephanie since 1999 and has six children. Yes, SIX! Ryan has also been a full-time copywriter since 2002. During that time, he’s written copy for 250+ clients, including Organifi, BiOptimizers, Earth Echo, Agora Financial, and Dedicated Emails. He’s also worked with well-known business leaders like Danette May, Ray Higdon, Chris Haddad, Alex Mandossian, Terry Dean, and Josh Bezoni. Ryan began managing email lists in 2015. He’s been in charge of sending hundreds of millions of emails since then, which have generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue for his clients. When Ryan’s not writing copy or managing email lists, you’ll find him taking care of his kids, reading classic literature, riding his recumbent bicycle, or spending quality time with his family.

skype: ryan.healy

Jasmine Perry

Jasmine has over a decade of experience in the direct response industry. Before joining Upsender, she was the VP of Internal Marketing at an Agora company, where she was responsible for the monetization, engagement, and deliverability of over 20 different lists, including the strategy and analysis of hundreds of split tests each year. Over the years she’s developed products, overseen copy compliance, copy-chiefed, and also written winning email and promo copy. Jasmine loves to read, be outside, and most of all, be a mom to her toddler daughter. Jasmine lives in Maryland with her husband Alex, her daughter Luna, their dog Ellie, and their cat Cheese.

Skype: jasmine.lemaster